Making Mocotaugens – A Workshop with Canadian Bushcraft

The mocotaugen (often misnamed a “Crooked Knife”) is often nicknamed the Ojibwa Swiss Army Knife. Its’ a spokeshake, a planer, a drawknife, a gouge, and so many other tools. From beaver teeth and stone shards, to modern precision ground steel blades, such a versatile implement has gone through much evolution over many thousands of years of use.

Nick Dillingham of Black Thunder Studios has been working with and researching the life and history of Mocotaugens for many years. According to many professional Birch Bark Canoe builders, he is this generation’s authority on everything “Moky”.

This May, join Nick at Canadian Bushcraft’s (in)famous Camp Mud, and learn how to make and use a Mocotaugen, from beginning to end. Students attending this workshop will walk away with a completed mocotaugen, and the skills to use it to manufacture everything from large feast bowls, to canoe paddles.

Course Fee: $250.00 CAD, (includes materials for mocotaugen, please specify left or right handed when registering for course)

Required tools: Belt knife with good carving edge, small folding saw (Bahco, Silky, Opinel, and Kershaw all make decent ones).

Classroom seating: 12 Students Max.

Register by emailing us at

1 thought on “Making Mocotaugens – A Workshop with Canadian Bushcraft

  1. Are you going to have another class on mocotaugen making?
    Do you you have a studio where you display and sell your designs?

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